A comedy

Based on Roland Schimmelpfennig's play

Director Cezaris Graužinis
Designer Anželika Šulcaitė
Lighting designer Rimas Petrauskas
Cast: Brigita Arsobaitė, Paulius Čižinauskas, Vytautas Kontrimas / Tomas Dapšauskas, Vilma Raubaitė, Julius Žalakevičius / Šarūnas Gedvilas

Duration: 90 min.
Premiere: 5 September, 2003


Based in a run-down block of flats somewhere in Germany, “Arabian Night” tells a magical tale about five individuals whose lives and dreams, realities and fantasies happen to cross on one enchanted summer's evening. On that evening the water in the block of flats suddenly runs dry, and Hans Lomeier, the caretaker, takes out to investigate what has happened. The story unfolds to reveal a passionate woman Fatima, waiting for her lover Kalil (who has mysteriously disappeared in the elevator); and Franziska, a dreamy young lady who remembers nothing of her previous life; and of Peter, the romantic voyeur who suddenly finds himself trapped in a bottle of cognac.

“Arabian Night” is the first performance of “cezario grupė”. Having premiered in 2003, it was instantly recognized by critics and audiences alike, guaranteeing the national award Golden Stage Cross for the best debut of the year.

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