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"cezario grupė" ("cezaris group") is a group of five artists working with director Cezaris Graužinis. It started as an informal group while the actors were studying at The Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre under the supervision of Cezaris Graužinis and actor Vladas Bagdonas. Their cooperation resulted in a brilliant performance staged as a graduation work for their Master’s degree, "Arabian Night" by Roland Schimmelpfennig (2003). The production was immediatelly acclaimed and awarded with the highest national performing arts award, the Golden Stage Cross, as the best debut of the year.


After the debut in 2003 "cezario grupė" has become famous as the most innovative and creative Lithuanian independent theatre unit. Before it was organized as the self-managing theatre company, the group was collaborating with different producers (with Audronis Liuga mainly). Most of productions were based on contemporary writing. These included "For a Better World" by Roland Schimmelpfennig, "Attempts on Her Life" by Martin Crimp and "Courageous Country" by Cezaris Graužinis. But even when staging classical Shakespeare ("The Taming of the Shrew") or very subtle "Kisses, Oscar" based on Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s "Oscar and the Lady in Pink", "cezario grupė" remains experimental, provocative, and brave. Most of the time, the actors appear on a nearly empty stage, and their artistic performance and report with the audience are the only “weapons” they can rely on. Imagination is the key word in the theatre created by "cezario grupė"; and for the audiences that enjoy being taken to places unknown within themselves, "cezario grupė" is the right companion.

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