A sad comedy


Director Cezaris Graužinis

Composer Martynas Bialobžeskis

Lighting designer Aurelijus Davidavičius

Cast: Brigita Arsobaitė, Paulius Čižinauskas, Vilma Raubaitė, Vytautas Kontrimas


Duration: 80 min. 

Premiere: 2 April, 2009



Cezaris Graužinis and his ensemble dive deep into the human soul and investigate ways to express the impossible. What at first seems like a therapy session turns out to be a self-deprecating, megalomanic reflection on the way stories are told in theatre and the cathartic effects thereof. On an empty stage, fantasy worlds are first created and then torn apart. As the story's red thread begins to unravel, emotions, metaphors and archetypes take charge.


“With the help of my actors, I envisioned a physical embodiment of an “inner journey”, a visible and audible incarnation of a purely mental process, which blends into imagination and memories. When I speak of “inner journey” I mean a way of travelling beyond the confinement of physical space – for instance when locked in prison or confined to a hospital bed. Or, likewise, being on stage.

This journey takes into a collective inner landscape of the actors and myself, where everything is possible because the landscape is self-contained. And yet nothing is possible because the landscape is non-existent.” (Cezaris Graužinis)


In 2010 the performance was presented in Wiesbaden Theatre-Biennale “Neue Stücke aus Europa” (Germany).

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