Theatre without Borders


In 2014 and 2015, the project "Theatre without Borders" was carried out for children from orphanages. 14 orphanages with at least 500 children were visited in different municipalities across Lithuania.


The aim of the project was to awaken children's curiosity for creative expression by playing theatre games, reading poems, organizing shadow theatre workshops, creating an atmosphere of immediacy, encouraging children to express their emotions through the language of theatre and through communication, and to feel a sense of togetherness in the creative process.


We believe that theatre and all creative activities allow children to open up, to explore their emotions and potential, to connect, and in this way to find hope and release tension.



Against the bullying


Bullying is a form of aggression and violence that is very damaging to mental health. In 2022, the theatre „Cezaris Group“ organized creative-educational bullying prevention events for schoolchildren in three Lithuanian municipalities.


The aim was to raise awareness and understanding of bullying as painful and damaging for all: both for the children who are bullied, for those who bully and for those who observe bullying. This was realized through a combination of the performing arts, literature, findings from psychological research, and a discussion with pupils.


This project was not only a creative and emotionally impactful way to discuss the current issue of bullying with students in order to change their behaviour, increase empathy and improve their psychological health, but also a means of awakening their interest in theatre arts and literature.


The events were organised in schools of Vilnius city, Panevėžys and Utena districts municipalities.

In Panevėžys district schools, the project was financed by Panevėžys district municipality.

In the schools of Utena, the project was financed by the municipality of Utena district.


In 2023, the theatre continues its bullying prevention activities.

The mental health promotion project, supported by the municipality of Utena district, has been implemented in Dauniškis Gymnasium and Užpaliai Gymnasium.

With the support of the Varėna municipality, bullying prevention events were organized at the Matuizos Primary School in Varėna district.

With the support of the Vilnius Region Municipality, creative-educational events were organised in Pagiriai Gymnasium, Avižieniai Gymnasium and Nemenčinė Gymnasium of
Gediminas, in Vilnius Region, to promote respectful communication and awareness of the negative consequences of bullying.

The Municipality of Elektrėnai provided funds for bullying prevention events in Elektrėnai "Ąžuolyno" progymnasium.

The common goal of all these projects is to raise the sensitivity and awareness of pupils of all ages through creative means, so that children and young people find more motivation not only not to bully, but also to recognise and prevent bullying and, if they are bullied, to dare to talk to adults about it.

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